Interactive Design of Monitoring Programmes for the Geological Storage of CO2

The Monitoring Selection Tool has been created to identify and prioritise techniques that could form part of a monitoring programme. The tool will help users to design a monitoring programme to monitor a CO2 storage project during all stages from site characterisation through to post‐injection. It aims to select and rate monitoring techniques, based on a user‐defined project scenario, and to identify the most appropriate techniques that should be evaluated for a given stage of project development. The tool should not be considered as being prescriptive but rather as a decision support tool that encourages evaluation of techniques by providing information on their applicability for a defined storage scenario. It is flexible enough to help design monitoring programmes for different storage scenarios and situations.


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Version 2.5.0



The Monitoring Selection Tool contains 40 monitoring techniques. For each technique a full description is available including illustrations and indications of suitability. If appropriate, there are details of case studies where the techniques have been applied and a bibliography of relevant references is included. As well as being a tool to help design monitoring protocols, it is also an extensive reference source on monitoring techniques.

All content has been reviewed and additional material added during the update to version 2.4, released in January 2019.

Note that metric units are used throughout this tool, unless clearly stated.

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We are grateful to the members of the IEAGHG Monitoring Network for their constructive feedback during tool development.


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